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Build a customer list with a "name your price" offer.


Instead of building an email list of "freeple" (people wanting to gobble up all your resources without paying), use this fun and innovative way to create buyers instead.

A "name your price" offer is a little-known but highly-effective way to serve people with a great offer, while feeling helpful and generous!

You also get the following bonuses to make your offer even more effective.

Bonus #1: The "Name Your Price" Idea bank - make the perfect name-your-price offer your audience will love. ($97 value)

Bonus #2: The Offer Sales Tracker - the exact tracking tool I used to stay on top of the data without overwhelm. ($47 value)

Bonus #3: The Organic Promotion Checklist - 12+ ways to easily promote your offer without ads ($27 value)

Total Value $218. Your price: Up to you!



How to create a list of buyers with a creative and fun offer.

How to increase average order value so you can run a profitable business.

How to tee up your back-end offer perfectly inside your "name your price" offer.

How to accurately track every sale, and what key metrics to focus on so you don't pull your hair out with data overwhelm.

How to organically promote your offer to increase profitability.

And more...

Total Value $218. Your price: Up to you!

You Might Be Wondering...

What tech do I need?

You need some way to get paid. This includes PayPal or some online shopping cart like Thrive Cart or SamCart (I'm using SamCart on this page).

Which charity are you supporting?

Mary's Home - A long-term residential program offering high-challenge and supportive trauma-informed services to single-mother-led families exiting homelessness. Based in my hometown of Colorado Springs.

How does "name your price" work?

You just type in any price above the minimum and the order will go through! And in this case I'll make a donation to the Mary's Home charity right after the workshop on 11/29.

If, after watching the training, you feel the content was not worth what you paid... just let me know and I'll refund your money.

No questions asked.

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